Mirabilandia is the largest amusement Park in Italy! It is close to the most famous places of the Adriatic Coast which is full of beautiful touristic places within Romagna region.

 With record-breaking roller coasters, exciting attractions for the whole family, the number 1 stunt show in Europe and a whole universe dedicated to children, Mirabilandia is the ideal choice for visitors of all ages, from the youngest to those who thrive on adrenaline. Moreover for water lovers, Mirabeach, Mirabilandia’s aquatic Park, completes the offer thanks to Caribbean white sand beaches for relaxing and refreshing moments and thrilling waterslides for the bravest.

More in detail, what kind of excitement does Mirabilandia Park offer?

Mirabilandia offers the journey through time and space on the n°1 inverted coaster in Europe, Katun. It offers the thrill of racing at the speed of a Formula 1 car, iSpeed, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds and facing breathtaking bends at 120 km/h. Moreover, it offers an astonishing offshore-style race boat that slides down from 60 meters of height, Divertical. This list mentions just some of the most exciting experiences that you can live in the Park, but this is not it! Mirabilandia offers a great deal fun to all family members, from adults to kids: from the Jurassic land of dinosaurs, Dinoland and the fabulous new western themed area opened in 2016, Far west Valley to the amazing place dedicated completely to children enjoyment, Bimbopoli.

 2017 is a very special year because it is Mirabilandia's 25th anniversary. News and many dedicated special events and entertainment will get our guests involved in amazing experiences.

 One of our biggest news in 2017 is the Virtual Reality coaster. Indeed, starting from April, Master Thai, Italy's first duelling coaster, becomes even more extraordinary with the introduction of the 360 VR experience. Wearing smart glasses on board, you can enjoy the amazing interactive game set in the insidious Thailand jungle. Just as if you were inside a videogame, you will be the main character who has to survive between traps and pitfalls to collect precious points.

 Many are the surprises for the next season, even for what concerns entertainment. Among amazing musicals (re-experiencing history of pop and rock music) and breathtaking acrobatic dance performances, our guests will be delighted getting involved in unbelievable moments.

By public demand, you can check out for the great Stunt Show in collaboration with Hot Wheels for unique excitement! 20 years of spectacular live exhibitions in front of an audience of more than 20million of people, among plot twists and breathtaking routines, you will witness the world’s tallest wheel of death, presented in a theme Park for the first time ever. Drivers will launch their Hot Wheels on a loop track 65 meters long, 8 meters wide and up to 15 meters high!

The summer brings even more surprises with the new stunning Night Show Mirabilandia Forever celebrating the 25th anniversary. Set on the main lake of the Park, incredible light projections on water screens, surprising floating fountains and magnificent fireworks will display to the beat of music brightening the panorama with a thousand colour lights.

 For a very happy ending to Mirabilandia’s 2017 season, don’t miss the biggest, scary and prized Halloween in Italy! During the day for family fun, but during the night, in limited areas of the Park, the Horror Festival for those who love extreme thrill.

 Inside the amazing 5 themed areas the Park is divided into, there are many areas where you may relax in a green flowery paradise-like garden, or eateries where you may taste delicious foods. And let's not forget about the several shops where you may purchase some souvenirs, to bring home something more than amazing memories.

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Only if you book with Mirabilandia the entrance ticket is valid for 3 consecutive days, the second and the third day are free! (please check our rules and regulations by clicking here) The entrance tickets to Mirabilandia will be sent to you via mail, e-ticket format, together with the hotel voucher. If you can’t print them, don’t worry, go to the Mirabilandia Vacanze office at the entrance of the park with your ID, the voucher’s confirmation number and the ticket’s purchase code, so that we can print it out for you at € 0,50 per ticket.