• 31 December 2018: events in the Riviera for the New Year 2019


    The New Year 2019 will be, as in previous editions, in the name of music thanks to the participation of many bands and ensembles that will perform on the streets of central Ravenna: from classical music to dance and with a DJ set for the whole night. The whole city will participate in the big party to give life to an unmissable event where anyone can have fun and spend a night full of fun and happiness. Among the New Year's events Ravenna are also the parties and aperitifs offered by the pubs of the center and the menu for the dinner made available to the restaurants.

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    Cervia – Milano Marittima

    The New Year in Cervia is reconfirmed every year with a simple but successful formula: parties in the square, lots of music and entertainment on the streets.
    Cervia New Year's events also include appointments for the little ones; shows and entertainment will be everywhere to entertain the children and make them participate in the joy of this holiday. The appointment with the New Year 2019 is in Cervia where there will be a long night with shows, fireworks and toasts to welcome in the best way the year to come.

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    The long channel is the heart of the events of December 31: every year, to celebrate the New Year, a concert is organized in Piazza Ciceruacchio, animated by singers and local artists. Usually the beginning of the show is set for 10:30 pm and goes on past midnight, between celebrations and collective toast. In the afternoon, also in Ciceruacchio square, thematic workshops will be set up for the children, next to the stands of the Christmas Market. At the Teatro Comunale of Cesenatico, every year the Grand Concert at the end of the year is staged every time by different companies: the show starts at 21:00 and at midnight it is possible to toast with the actors.
    For the entire Christmas period an ice skating rink is also set up in Piazza Andre Costa

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    As for events New Year's Eve Cesena offers many events suitable for any need and truly unforgettable: events and parties, in the streets of the historic center and in cultural places, will be present in Cesena and in nearby Forli.

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    As usual, the organization of the party includes a large number of events Rimini New Year both on the streets and in the premises, with many possibilities designed for any need: especially the New Year in this town becomes a unique and above all original event, a opportunity to spend a memorable night and celebrate the best year to come.

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    New Year's events Riccione not only include the discos but also many proposals suitable for everyone: shows, entertainment and performances are just some of the elements that will animate the city, especially the renowned Viale Ceccarini. Concerning music every year in Riccione, concerts of great Italian stars are organized in the main squares of the town; among the events of the New Year Riccione, there are also many proposals of local restaurants and restaurants that offer numerous original menus and parties to dance and have fun all night long.

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    San Marino

    The New Year's Eve 2019 in San Marino will be as usual full of events mainly concerning music with parties and a great concert; to animate the streets of the center will take care of the premises and restaurants that will offer special menus for the dinner of 31 and will organize parties and events San Marino New Year until late at night. There will be many occasions to celebrate the new year and to drink in company in an atmosphere of great celebration for everyone.

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