• Our hotels

    We have selected over two hundred and fifty 2 to 4 star hotels, situated near the beach or not far from the coast. Different types of rooms are available: single, double, twin and family rooms with three, four and even five beds.
    In every room there is an en-suite bathroom and modern services. You will spend a pleasant and relaxing holiday thanks to all the comforts we have ready for you.
    Many hotels have a restaurant where you can taste traditional local dishes. In all our offers breakfast is included.*

    [*]except offer “Mirabilandia & Village” and offer “Superofferta Basic”

    Why do we show all information about the hotel apart from the name?

    In order to guarantee such good prices, we cannot show the names of the hotels before the actual booking.
    Once the booking is completed, you will receive an email with the name of the hotel together with all the other details.

    Why don’t you show a list with all the available hotels?

    Again, in order to guarantee these good prices our system automatically will give you the best price at the time of booking, comparing over 200 hotels.
    Of course, you can change the given hotel by clicking on “choose location”, but the price will not be the best available..